Skin Analysis

Do the free facial scan and discover the condition of your skin

Our skin analysis device is designed to comprehensively analyze the skin. Did you know that almost all skin conditions start in the deeper layers of the skin, making them not visible to the naked eye? By performing a scan with our skin analysis device, we can assess the condition of your skin in detail. After the thorough scan, we will know exactly which treatments are most suitable for you.

Wat is a skin analysis?

At Gloow, we visualize the deeper layers of the skin using an advanced skin analysis device. This is the most comprehensive variant among skin scanning devices. The skin is meticulously mapped using special fluorescence and polarized light, which makes (predisposition to) skin conditions visible. Thanks to the skin scan, we know in a timely manner what is happening beneath the surface of the skin.

Why is a skin scan or skin analysis necessary?

By conducting timely preventive skin examination and understanding what is happening in the deeper layers of your skin, it’s possible to effectively treat your skin conditions. The skin analysis forms the foundation of a successful treatment plan. Our skin specialists immediately know what is necessary for optimal results. Whether you already have a skin condition or are curious about whether you are predisposed to one, the skin analysis is an eye-opener and definitely worth it.

What can be seen on the skin scan?

The advanced and unique skin analysis device accurately maps your skin using 6 types of modules. Photos of your face are taken using various light sources, after which we analyze the skin, the deeper skin layers, and the skin structure.

The skin analysis reveals the status of:

  • The number of pores, the size, and the condition of the pores
  • Pigment shifts and pigmentation disorders
  • The depth of existing lines and wrinkles
  • The skin’s elasticity
  • The blood circulation of your skin (consider rosacea and couperose)
  • The amount of sebum
  • The moisture level
  • Sun damage
  • The depth of scars
  • The sensitivity and vulnerability of your skin (thin skin)
  • Skin irritations

Be well-prepared for the treatments!

To achieve the best possible results and get an excellent picture of your skin, it’s important to prepare properly. The day before the skin analysis, you can follow your regular skincare routine just like any other day. On the day of the skin analysis, it’s important to thoroughly cleanse your skin at home with water only. Do not use sunscreen, foundation, or moisturizer on the day of the skin scan, and avoid wearing makeup. After the skin scan at Gloow, you can resume your normal routine.

After the skin analysis

After conducting the skin analysis, we have a precise understanding of the condition of your skin. The skin scan reveals whether there is a predisposition to skin conditions or highlights the underlying causes of skin issues. With the skin scan, we determine your skin type and obtain a detailed picture of your skin. We analyze the photos from the facial scan and discuss the outcomes afterwards. If necessary, we create a customized treatment plan. You will also receive the results of the skin scan via email so you can review them at your leisure at home.

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